Hammerers are the King's personal guard and so are accorded a high status within the stronghold. They are very skilled warriors and personally selected by the King himself. If a Dwarf should prove himself courageous enough over the course of many battles he may be selected to join the Hammerers. Skill, strength and courage alone, however, are not enough. A Hammerer must be willing to give his complete loyalty to his liege and dedicate himself totally to protecting him from harm. Amongst a folk known throughout the world for their stubborneness, Hammerers are regarded as being stubborn by other Dwarfs. Duty to the King and hold is a sacred thing to the Dwarfs. A Dwarf bound by oath to serve a king will give his life rather than face the dishonour of failure. A King surrounded by his Hammerers is the keep in the centre of the throng:grim-faced, unyielding and immovable, the living personification of the Dwarf spirit.

The symbol of the bond between a Lord and his Hammerers is the weapon they carry. Each bears a heavy, but perfectly balanced great hammer. It is the gift of the hammer to the warrior that seals the oath between him and his Lord. In battle, the sight of great hammers rising and falling around the King's banner is an inspiration to the rest of the throng, who will typically redouble their own efforts to keep up.