Members of the Greatswords are personally picked by the Elector Counts from among the Champions of their troops. To gain such promotion, a soldier must distinguish himself under the eyes of his commanding officers or accomplish some heroic feat of arms (and survive the experience!). Greatswords form the garrison of the Count's castle and their personal bodyguard on the battlefield. Equipped with deadly two-handed swords and superb suits of the full plate armour made by Dwarf Smiths, Greatswords swear to never give ground to the enemies of the Empire and to protect the count at the cost of their own lives. The history of the Empire is rich with episodes where these brave soldiers were cut down to a man in a last stand around their Count after all the rest of the army had been defeated. Such devotion is well rewarded, as veterans of this elite corp are sometimes knighted, a great honour for a humble warrior.