The Hellblaster Volley Gun has nine separate barrels, divided into three decks of three barrels, fixed on a circular crank. The advantage of the Hellblaster is that it can fire several shots at once in a devastating volley. A full volley will rip through the toughest regiment causing immense casualties in the blink of an eye. The disadvantage of the Hellblaster is that it is inclined to jam or misfire. In fact, the chances of being able to fire for a prolonged time are slim, as the weapon is quite likely to malfunction.

The Hellblaster's barrels are organized in three groups of three. When the crew shoots, they pull the lever and discharge a group of three barrels. Then the crew will rotate the crank and place a new deck of three new barrels into firing position, while at the same time reloading the deck which just fired.