The elves are nearly immortal, expected to live for about 2500 years, and their Mages are among the best in the world. They have split into three factions: The High Elves (Asur) live on the island-continent Ulthuan; the Wood Elves (Asrai) live in the Loren Forest, in the Old World, and the Dark Elves (Druchii) live in Naggaroth, in the New World. The latter are the sworn enemies of the Asur. In the Warhammer Fantasy Battle tabletop wargame, Elf armies are generally small and although lightly armoured their soldiers are generally braver, quicker and more skilled than those of other armies.

The High Elves for the main part confine themselves to Ulthuan, though they have colonies across the known world, and their ships are the finest that sail upon the waves. Ulthuan itself is split into a number of smaller kingdoms, each ruled by a Prince. Together these Princes form a council, and it is they who decide which Elf among their kind shall be crowned as the Phoenix King, the co-ruler of all the Asur.

High Elves in gameEdit