Claimed as a babe by the bloody Witch Elf priestesses of Khaine, the infant Kaeleth was offered up to Khaine, the god of murder, and plunged ritualistically into a cauldron of Blood. Intitited into the Temple of Khaine, the young Dark Elf was raised as an Assassin, and over the centuries has become a master of death. 

One of the Witch King's most feared assassins, Kaeleth is a master of blades, poison and the darkness, and he is capable of infiltrating the enemy, slaying his target and making his escape without trace. But it is not just the foes of the Dark Elves that must fear him - for Malekith uses Kaeleth to silence any Dark Elf foolish enough to question his authority.

Kaeleth was killed by Lilaeth for turning against her.