Bitter and fueled by hatred, Lilaeth is a member of the dark convents of the sorceresses - a mistress of the Dark Arts. As are all Sorceresses she is wedded to Malekith the Witch King, and studied many years to master the channeling of the raw Winds of Magic that flow across the land. For centuries she has served the Witch King, and she commands devastatingly destructive magic.

When the Witch King launched a war against his hated High Elf kin, Lilaeth fought at his side, leading a splinter army that pushed deep into Ulthuan. This war was eventually repelled, and Lilaeth's army was shattered. At the mercy of the High Elf mage Aurelion, Lilaeth's life was spared that she may face the wrath of the Witch King. 

Malekith has given her one chance to redeem her failure, and to seek her vengeance on the High Elves.