The Green TideEdit

The Orcs and Goblins are vicious blood thirsy warriors hailing across the warhammer world, mostly known to reside in the BadLands. Countless dwarven strongholds and many Imperial towns and villages have fallen prey to the GreenSkin tide, coming to their peak in a mighty WAAAAAGH! This faction is one of the most melee-dependent faction in the Warhammer world, having incredible strength and resiliance to melee blows, but are more vurnerable to long distance attacks.

The Boss's Boys/ Orc and Goblin HordesEdit

The Orcs and Gobbos hordes have a diverse variety of melee troops to wield against their foes, weather they be elves or men. They possess few long ranged troops, making them more of a attacking faction.

Orc Boys:Edit

The orc boys make up the major componets of almost any great orc horde or massive WAAAGH! Orc boys are  decently armoured orc armed with a wildy but dangerous axe they called a " Choppa" Their melee damage is considerable strong and their health and resiliance to attacks are also very good, but they can be routed by a combined use of troops.

Orc Arrar Boys:

Orc Arrar Boys are one of the only ranged troops the orc hordes posses. They are orcs that have favoured the bow over the choppa, unlike their counterparts. While their ranged attacks are less then those of any other faction, they still do considerable damage and if attacked by a melee unit, it can last much longer in a fight than other ranged units could. Black Orcs:

Black Orcs are orcs that have returned from the dark desolated lands of Naggaroth. These orcs are very different from normal orcs that inhabit the Badlands as they are much smarter and more tactical than any other orcs. Also, they are some of the strongest units available to the orc hordes. Their melee and armour are highly feared by humans and dwavres alike. Black orcs usually make up the leading class of orc tribes and the strongest betweeen them becomes the leader.